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Forest Europe (formerly known as the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe - MCPFE and established on 18 December 1990) is Europe´s high level political process that develops common strategies for its 47 signatories (46 European countries and the European Union) on sustainable management of forests (including the protection of forests) in the Pan-European region. It takes decisions on common aspects of the highest political relevance regarding forests, forestry and forest related issues in order to maximise the contribution of European forests to the ecological, social and economic well-being of the region.

Germany has assumed the presidency of the Forest Europe process (http://foresteurope.org) from January 2021 and also become the host of the Liaison Unit, which is located in Bonn from 2021-2024. From January 2021 EFI supports the Liaison Unit by providing science-informed policy and communication services, while ensuring a strong link to EFI member organisations in many countries across Europe.

More information: Bernhard Wolfslehner, Forest Europe Support Team leader (firstname.lastname@efi.int)

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