European projects join forces to tackle the impact of climate change on forests

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Cross project meeting Freising

Over 30 researchers from 8 EU-funded projects are working together to come up with strategies to fight climate change and deal with its impacts on forests. EFI researchers representing ForestPaths, HoliSoils, FORWARDS, and WildE projects attended the meeting which took place on 16-18 November in Freising, Germany. The event also gathered experts from the research projects CLIMB-Forest, FORECO, RESCUE, and ForMII. 

The focus of the meeting was how existing simulation models for forests and land use (like EFISCEN-space, LPJ-GUESS and CRAFTY) should be improved. Participants identified some major topics, for instance how forest disturbances such as storms, wildfire and insect outbreaks, as well as climate-smart forest management practices, could be included in such advanced simulation models.

The meeting gave researchers the opportunity to identify important next steps on how the projects can support each other. The event proved to very fruitful, and a similar meeting has been planned in approximately a year from now.