Monitoring Future Forests

12 December 2023 at 17.00-19.30 CET
Brussels, Thon Hotel EU (Rue de La Loi 75)
Invitation only event

Improved ways of monitoring forests are proposed in the EU Forest Strategy for 2030. Harmonised, reliable data and information could contribute to better informed forest-related policies, as forests provide biodiversity reservoirs and climate sinks, protect landscapes and provide wood and non-wood goods and nature-based solutions for society. While the demand for forest ecosystem services is clearly increasing, at the same time forests are threatened by increased disturbances, biodiversity loss and climate change. Long-term data provision and analysis to monitor forests across countries is needed to support policy-makers to take long-term decisions. A proposal for a new monitoring forest regulation has been presented by the European Commission and published on 22nd November 2023.

Our ThinkForest event asks:

  • What are the aims and objectives of the new EU forest monitoring regulation?

  • How does the proposed monitoring regulation serve the needs of EU policies?

  • How does the proposed monitoring regulation link to existing monitoring scheme

forest monitoring regulation

In collaboration: ForestPaths, ForestNavigator and Pathfinder