ThinkForest is a European high-level forum on the future of forests. It provides:

A unique science-policy interface
Inspiring and dynamic science-policy dialogue

ThinkForest works to identify information needs related to forest policy questions and build a common understanding of the problems at hand. By helping policy makers navigate through the wealth of information on offer and providing them with the best available expertise and the latest research-based information from the scientific community it enables informed decision making on strategic forest issues.

The ThinkForest forum brings together policymakers, the scientific community and stakeholders, offering a space for science-policy dialogue which builds bridges on pan-European forest and bioeconomy issues. It is chaired by Janez Potočnik, former EU Commissioner for both Science and Research, and Environment. From its foundation in 2012 until June 2019, it was chaired by former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson

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Previous events

29.04.2024Sustainable Finance, Forests & Biodiversity webinar
12.12.2023Monitoring future forestsBrussels
24.10.2023Implementing Closer-to-Nature Forest Managementwebinar
26.06.2023Achieving the EU Forest Strategy goals - what can science tell us? webinar
20.04.2023Forests and the cities of the futureRome
20.09.2022How can we strengthen the contribution of forests in reaching EU climate goals?webinar
15.06.2022ThinkForest Roundtable Discussion on European forest-based sector climate change mitigationBrussels
30.05.2022What Science can Tell us About Forest Biodiversity in Europe Sibiu, Romania
06.04.2022Closer to Nature Forest Managementwebinar
20.05.2021Role of Science in Policymaking: A Post COVID Worldwebinar
09.12.2020China-Europe Forest Bioeconomywebinar
27.10.2020Public Perception on Forests and Bioeconomywebinar
22.09.2020European Forest Policy Post-2020webinar
20.05.2020Science Insights to the European Green Deal and Forestswebinar
17.12.2019The Future of Plantation Forests in EuropeBrussels
04.04.2019How to Respond to Forest Disturbances in EuropePrague
04.12.2018Climate policy and forest bioeconomyBrussels
29.05.2018Role of bioeconomy in controlling forest firesMadrid
07.11.2017Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomyBrussels
27.09.2017Implementing Natura 2000 in forests: lessons learned and looking aheadBrussels
30.05.2017ThinkForest Roundtable Discussion: Climate Smart ForestryBrussels
10.05.2017Leading the way to a new European bioeconomy strategyBerlin
15.11.2016Building an innovative and resilient forest bioeconomy Brussels
12.10.2016ThinkForest Roundtable Discussion: Forest biomass sustainability and carbon neutralityBrussels
07.06.2016Building the bioeconomy: Insights from European strategiesHelsinki
15.03.2016Climate policy after COP21: Implications for the European forest-based sectorBrussels
01.12.2015Climate policy targets: how can European forests contribute?Paris
13.10.2015Science-policy in action: the role of European forestsBrussels
21.04.2015Assessing the impact of the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Action PlanBrussels