Programme 20.5.2020



Science Insights to the European Green Deal and Forests-webinar

10.00 CET  Webinar facilitator's welcome and quidance

Markus Natri, Valve Group

10.05 Welcoming Words
  Marc Palahí, European Forest Institute
  Janez Potočnik, ThinkForest President  
10.15 Climate Smart Forestry and the Green Deal (presentation)
  Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Wageningen University,  IPCC Lead Author
10.30 Q&A
10.35 Forest biodiversity and the Green Deal (presentation)

Jürgen Bauhus, University of Freiburg

10.50 Q&A
10.55 Bioeconomy and the Green Deal (presentation)
  Lauri Hetemäki, European Forest Institute
11.10 Q&A

Panel Discussion “Strengthening Forest-Based Sector’s Contribution to Green Deal”

  Moderator: Anne Toppinen, University of Helsinki

Chantal van Ham, International Union for Conservation of Nature (presentation)


Jürgen Bauhus,  University of Freiburg


Gert-Jan Nabuurs,  Wageningen University, IPCC Lead Author


Fanny-Pomme Langue, Confederation of European Forest Owners (presentation)


Stefan Sundman,  Public Affairs and Media Relations at UPM (presentation)

12.15 Q&A
12.30 Concluding remarks

Janez Potočnik, ThinkForest President