Closer-to-Nature Forest Management

From Science to Policy 12

J.B. Larsen, P. Angelstam, J. Bauhus, J. F. Carvalho, J. Diaci, D. Dobrowolska, A. Gazda, L. Gustafsson, F. Krumm, T. Knoke, A. Konczal, T. Kuuluvainen, B. Mason, R. Motta, E. Pötzelsberger, A. Rigling, A. Schuck
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Closer-to-Nature Forest Management is a concept proposed in the EU Forest Strategy for 2030, which aims to improve the conservation values and climate resilience of multifunctional, managed forests in Europe. Building on the latest scientific evidence, this report proposes a definition of the concept, a set of seven guiding principles and a framework/checklist for flexible European-wide implementation.

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The report analyses the current pressures on forest biodiversity as well as on health and resilience in managed forests. It examines existing nature-oriented forest management approaches and analyses their ability to support biodiversity, stability in and adaptability to uncertain future conditions. Finally, it evaluates the barriers and enablers for the implementation of Closer-to-Nature Forest Management. 

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Recommended citation: Larsen, J.B., Angelstam, P., Bauhus, J., Carvalho, J.F., Diaci, J., Dobrowolska, D., Gazda, A., Gustafsson, L., Krumm, F., Knoke, T., Konczal, A., Kuuluvainen, T., Mason, B., Motta, R., Pötzelsberger, E., Rigling, A., Schuck, A., 2022. Closer-to-Nature Forest Management. From Science to Policy 12. European Forest Institute.

Number of pages: 54
ISBN 978-952-7426-19-7 (online)


Jørgen Bo Larsen, University of Copenhagen, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Denmark

Per Angelstam, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Jürgen Bauhus, University of Freiburg, Institute of Forest Sciences, Germany

João Fidalgo Carvalho, University of Tras os Montes Alto Douro, CITAB, Dep Forest Science and Landscape Architecture, Portugal

Jurij Diaci, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Forestry, Slovenia

Dorota Dobrowolska, Forest Research Institute, Poland

Anna Gazda, Department of Forest Biodiversity, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland

Lena Gustafsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden

Frank Krumm, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Switzerland

Thomas Knoke, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Agata Konczal, European Forest Institute

Timo Kuuluvainen, Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland

Bill Mason, Forest Research, Northern Research Station, Roslin, Scotland, UK

Renzo Motta, University of Turin and Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology, Italy

Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, European Forest Institute

Andreas Rigling, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, Switzerland

Andreas Schuck, European Forest Institute


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