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Policy Briefs Convey current forest policy questions and challenges and outline courses of action to resolve them with the help of research
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Proceedings 13

New Thrusts in Forest Inventory
| Risto Päivinen, Jerry Vanclay, Saija Miina (editors)

Proceedings 7

Forest Industries Towards the Third Millennium - Economic and Environmental Challenges
| Birger Solberg, Matti Palo, Pentti Hyttinen (editors)

Proceedings 11

Growth Trends in European Forests - Studies from 12 Countries
| Heinrich Spiecker, Kari Mielikäinen, Michael Köhl, Jens Peter Skovsgaard (editors)

Research Report 5

Large-Scale Forestry Scenario Models: Experiences and Requirements
| Risto Päivinen, Leena Roihuvuo, Markku Siitonen (editors)

Proceedings 5

Environmental Impacts of Forestry and Forest Industry
| Birger Solberg, Leena Roihuvuo (editors)

Proceedings 3

Multiple Use and Environmental Values in Forest Planning
| Pentti Hyttinen, Anu Kähkönen, Päivi Pelli (editors)

Proceedings 4

Life-Cycle Analysis - a Challenge for Forestry and Forest Industry
| Arno Frühwald, Birger Solberg (editors)

Proceedings 8

Forest Policy Analysis - Methodological and Empirical Aspects
| Birger Solberg, Päivi Pelli (editors)

Proceedings 2

Forest Resources in Europe 1950-90
| Kullervo Kuusela

Research Report 1

Integrating Environmental Values into Forest Planning
| Pentti Hyttinen, Anu Williams (editors)

Proceedings 1