Knowledge to Action

The Knowledge to Action series brings a wide range of research, projects and initiatives on forest-related issues closer to society. It complements the existing EFI series, What Science Can Tell Us and From Science to Policy

Knowledge to Action (2020-present), European Forest Institute.

ISSN 2670-2126 (printed)
ISSN 2670-2215 (online)


Managing editor: Sarah Adams
Associate Editor: Inazio Martinez de Arano


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Timokleia Orfanidou, Mariana Hassegawa, Pekka Leskinen, Herbert Sixta, Pekka Oinas, Giuseppe Cardellini
Wood-based textiles & modern wood buildings
Knowledge to Action 6, 2023


Inazio Martinez de Arano, Sara Maltoni, Alvaro Picardo, Sven Mutke
Non-wood forest products for people, nature and the green economy
Knowledge to Action 5, 2021

Harald Mauser (ed).
Key questions on forests in the EU
Knowledge to Action 4, 2021


Lea Ranacher, Anna Sedmik, Peter Schwarzbauer
Public perceptions of forestry and the forest-based bioeconomy in the European Union
Knowledge to Action 3. 2020 


Marc Palahí et al.
Investing in Nature as the true engine of our economy: A 10-point Action Plan for a Circular Bioeconomy of Wellbeing
Knowledge to Action 2. 2020 


Lauri Hetemäki, Marc Palahí, Robert Nasi
Seeing the wood in the forests
Knowledge to Action 1. 2020