Complexity of assessing future forest bioenergy markets

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EFI's Elias Hurmekoski is one of the authors of a new review which identifies and summarises the factors and assumptions affecting forest bioenergy potential estimates.

The European Union’s targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have led to the increasing demand for forest biomass in energy production, which, in turn, has raised questions about the adequacy of supply and the sustainability of forest biomass resources for energy. Although the prospects of using biomass for energy have been studied extensively, the outcomes and estimates differ widely between studies. Understanding the differences between the estimates can facilitate their utilisation in policy and investment planning.

Riitta Hänninen, Elias Hurmekoski, Antti Mutanen, Jari Viitanen. 2018. Complexity of Assessing Future Forest Bioenergy Markets—Review of Bioenergy Potential Estimates in the European Union. Current Forestry Reports, vol 4, Issue 1, pp 13–22.