Human values as catalysts and consequences of social innovations

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This research is related to social innovation and human values, which drive the innovative behaviour in forest-dependent communities. The paper discusses relational values as catalysts and consequences of Social Innovation. Relational values, which are derivative of the relationships between human and non-human world, and responsibilities towards these relationships, were divided into three categories: Doing, Belonging and Respecting. Doing encompasses the individual's perspective of the opportunities offered by nature to individuals. Belonging encompasses a communal dimension of values manifested as the experience of "being at home" in social collectives and landscapes. Respecting addresses environmental and social justice. 

The paper analysed examples from Finland, Slovenia, the UK and Ukraine.


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Sarkki, S., A. Ficko, D. Miller, C. Barlagne, M. Melnykovych, M. Jokinen, I. Soloviy and M. Nijnik. 2019. Human values as catalysts and consequences of social innovations. Forest Policy and Economics. 104: 33-44.  DOI: