Rik De Vreese

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De Vreese
Senior Researcher

Dr Rik De Vreese is Team Leader of the Urban Forestry Team at the Resilience Programme. He has a master of Applied Biological Sciences - Forest and Land Management at Ghent University and a PhD in Human Ecology (VUBrussels, 2018). He has been active in the urban forestry science-policy-practice interface since 2000 and was awarded Young European Urban Forester of the Year in 2015. He is member of the International Steering Group of the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) and webmaster/social media manager for EFUF.  His research focusses on the relations between humans and trees, in the urban and peri-urban sphere. More specifically, Dr De Vreese has been involved in research on integrating ecosystem services in decision-making and urban planning, mainly with a transdisciplinary lens. He has (co-)authored over 15 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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