Plantation forests in Europe: challenges and opportunities Rach.Colling Mon, 12.09.2019 - 14:27

From Science to Policy 9

Peter Freer-Smith, Bart Muys, Michele Bozzano, Lars Drössler, Niall Farrelly, Hervé Jactel, Jaana Korhonen, Gianfranco Minotta, Maria Nijnik, Christophe Orazio
EFIPLANT at the XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019 stephanie.hayes Wed, 10.23.2019 - 10:38
The EFIPLANT team was very active at the IUFRO World Congress 2019
Exploring planted forests at the XXV IUFRO World congress 2019 stephanie.hayes Wed, 10.23.2019 - 10:15
Different aspects of planted forests were explored in a number of sessions and visits during the IUFRO World Congress 2019.
REINFFORCE measures tree health stephanie.hayes Tue, 10.22.2019 - 14:05
The REINFFORCE network has innovated its field inventory by conducting a standardised analysis of tree health


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Bridging the plantation divide

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Brussels, Belgium, 17.12.2019 - 17.12.2019

The Future of Plantation Forests in Europe

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