Let's Talk About Planted Forests - Forest Risk and Insurance

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IEFC webinar

Friday 19 January at 1.30 pm CET. 

Global change is increasing and diversifying the risks that threaten European forests: drought, insects, fire, storms, hail, etc. In the case of planted forests, where an investor is betting on the future, the role of insurance in protecting against these risks is essential. However, we have observed that in some countries the level of risk is calling into question the principle of insuring forests, so it seemed appropriate to invite insurance experts to share their views on the future role of insurance in forests.

To discuss this subject, the IEFC invited 3 speakers. Here’s a quick overview of speakers:

  • Guillaume Bouffard, MISSO GROUPAMA: “Recent bushfires in Australia and France : lessons learnt for an insurer specialising in Forest risks”

  • Phil Cottle, ForestRe Ltd.

  • Peter Welten, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

The webinar is free for all attendees, but registration is required. 

This event is co-organized by the IEFC, the IUFRO task force “Resilient Planted Forest Serving Society & Bioeconomy” and the EFI Research Network on Planted Forests