FRISK GO - Start-Up Project for a European Forest Risk Facility

European forests are increasingly exposed to various disturbances which can be of abiotic or biotic nature. When being of more ‘catastrophic’ nature they can strongly disrupt targeted forest management goals and have severe consequences to wood production, timber markets, and environmental services. They may jeopardize the economic base of forest owners.

SURE - SUstaining and Enhancing REsilience of European Forests

European forests are affected by different disturbances. They range from pests and insect damages to megafires and transnational storm events and can have profound impacts on forest ecosystem services and livelihoods. As forest disturbance regimes have intensified during the last decades, making forests more resilient has gained in importance. Experiences from both practice and science on how to best cope with risk and respond to disturbance events are crucial for developing and improving response strategies in policymaking and practical management.


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2017 EFIATLANTIC & IEFC Annual Meeting

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