CLEARINGHOUSE - Collaborative learning in research, information-sharing and governance on how urban forests as nature-based solutions support Sino-European urban futures Minna.Korhonen Wed, 08.21.2019 - 05:22

Trees and forests are a proven nature-based solution that contribute to sustainable urban development.

REDIIBIO - RED II sustainability criteria Minna.Korhonen Wed, 08.21.2019 - 05:16

The objective of the REDIIBIO project is to provide technical assistance to the European Commission on the harmonised and correct implementation of the new EU sustainability criteria for forest and agricultural biomass used for energy generation, as set out in article 29 of the REDII.

Project overview

The project has four tasks: 

SUFOGIS - GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forestry and Ecology

SUFOGIS aims to respond to the needs identified by promotion of sustainable forestry and ecology in Russia and China through improved university-enterprise cooperation by enhancing skills and competences of students and professionals. The project also aims to enforce capacity building in the fields of GIS and remote sensing in higher education institutions in partner countries.

Integrated nature conservation in forests: an international comparison of policy-making at the sub-national level - INCFoP-sub Minna.Korhonen Mon, 12.31.2018 - 08:42

Biodiversity conservation in European forests requires implementing nature conservation in the productive forest. To a certain degree, the effectivity of such measures is often decided in the the policy-making phase already.

Green jobs Minna.Korhonen Mon, 12.31.2018 - 08:31

Global student networking and green jobs in the forest sector

A global study on employment in the forest sector and relating to forestry will provide insight to the future labour market for forestry students. It will utilize the strong networks of all three partners to gather and systematize global knowledge from complementary perspectives.

European Forum on Urban Forestry 2019 Minna.Korhonen Tue, 11.13.2018 - 13:43

Since 20 years, the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) is a unique meeting place for practitioners, managers, planners, architects, researchers, professionals, public authorities and policy makers to share interdisciplinary experience and good practices within the field of urban greening, urban forests and urban forestry.

ESPERENSE- RESeau national multiPartenaire d’Evaluation de Ressources gENétiques foreStièrEs pour le futur

With the objective to provide support recommendation on the choice of genetic resources choices in the context of climate change, the project ESPERENSE brings together the main French actors in forest R&D (Irstea, INRA, CNPF, ONF and FCBA) in collaboration with the EFI Planted Forests Facility.