Protecting old-growth forests in Europe

This study provides scientific evidence as input to ongoing policy discussions of forest protection in the EU.

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Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2030

We’re building on the success of the MFRA 2020 by bringing together expertise from across the Mediterranean to identify the main challenges – and opportunities – for the next decade of forest research.

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EU forest strategy: adapt, innovate, employ

Our Director Marc Palahí says we should increase the ecological, economic and social value of EU forests simultaneously.

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Welcome to the European Forest Institute

The European Forest Institute is an international organisation established by European States. We conduct research and provide policy support on forest-related issues, connecting knowledge to action.

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Connecting Knowledge to Action

Science & Policy

We provide support and promote the dissemination of scientifically sound policy-relevant information on forests and forestry.

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Our Research

We provide interdisciplinary and cross-sector research on forest resources, products and services on a pan-European level.

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Our Members

We have representatives from forest research, industry, forest owners and international forest-related organisations.

EFI Facilities

Our facilities build on our research knowledge and address particular policies, topics and activities through capacity building, networking and the provision of demand-based expertise. 

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Forest Maps

We have developed a forest map of Europe, a tree species map and wood production maps for European forests.


We carry out projects on research issues of pan-European interest with a network of leading experts. 

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