Wood-based textiles & modern wood buildings

New EFI study sets out to explore the potential non-climate environmental impacts of wood-based textile fibres and modern wood buildings. 

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Biocities of the future

Biocities Research Agenda identifies knowledge gaps and specific topics and activities that could be addressed by the our new Biocities Facility.

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Bioregions Open Innovation Challenge!

Submit a solution to our forest bioeconomy challenges and have a chance to win a grant for developing your idea! 

Bioregions grant

Welcome to the European Forest Institute

The European Forest Institute is an international organisation established by European States. We conduct research and provide policy support on forest-related issues, connecting knowledge to action.

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Connecting Knowledge to Action

Science & Policy

We provide support and promote the dissemination of scientifically sound policy-relevant information on forests and forestry.

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Our Research

We provide interdisciplinary and cross-sector research on forest resources, products and services on a pan-European level.

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Our Members

We have representatives from forest research, industry, forest owners and international forest-related organisations.

EFI Facilities

Our facilities build on our research knowledge and address particular policies, topics and activities through capacity building, networking and the provision of demand-based expertise. 

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Forest Maps

We have developed a forest map of Europe, a tree species map and wood production maps for European forests.

Key questions on forests

Key research findings in the form of questions on forests in the EU and the benefits they provide to society.


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