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Secure your seat at the GenTree project final conference
Metsäkeskus visiting forest institutions across Spain

Climate change has reached a tipping point, becoming a climate crisis that is having a domino effect on many of our world’s forests. It is now crucial for global leaders to come together and hold an Earth Forest Summit. Robert Nasi, Director General of CIFOR, and Marc Palahí, Director of EFI, discuss the crucial role forests play in a sustainable future and why they need to be part of the global agenda.

A joint declaration by the Ministers of Agriculture of seven Eastern European countries has called for strengthened international cooperation and contributions to EFI’s work in improving resilience and the adaptation of forests to climate change.

FOREXT supports its members through international collaboration

EFI’s Mediterranean Facility is back with September’s Network News featuring an open letter written by our director Marc Palahí to convince global leaders to put the world’s forests at the centre of the global political agenda. In addition, we share with you the latest details of the event on fire management and prevention that we are organising in Madrid on 14-15 October, with an introduction to all the participating speakers.

EFI’s Scientific Seminar took place on 19 September in Aberdeen, with a focus on plantation forests.
Open Letter by Marc Palahí, Director EFI, Robert Nasi, Director General CIFOR and Tony Simons, Director General, ICRAF
Our member organisations met in Aberdeen on 18 September

Prof. Cecil Konijnendijk has been appointed as a new member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of EFI from 1 October 2019.

Cecil is Professor of urban forestry at the Faculty of Forestry, The University of British Columbia, Canada. For the past 25 years he has studied, taught and advised on the role of trees and green space in cities and towns. His particular interests include green space governance (including community involvement), people-nature relationships and cultural ecosystem services, and urban forestry and urban greening.

Bioeconomy delegation learns more about EFI's work

A newly published article by Nabuurs et al. introduces a next-generation information tool which can help making the best decisions for European forests. Dr Helga Pülzl from Forest Policy Research Network is coauthor of this article.

Sino-European CLEARING HOUSE project (urban forests as nature-based solutions) officially launched at the EFI Bonn office last week.
Newly published report looks at non-wood forest products' complete value chain from primary production to marketing