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The II Chopo Symposium on poplar industry was held on the 17-19 October, with the active participation of the Planted Forest Facility.
Data vs deforestation: A breakthrough in supply-chain transparency.
Barry Gardiner visited the offices of FRIM to present a seminar on Global Change and Abiotic Risk Trends in the EU
EFI Director Marc Palahi reflects on the biologization of cities
Transnational plans and tools to improve risk detection and quantification and hazard prevention in forests now available!
Solution Hack for Journalists explores life cycle thinking and the bioeconomy

Can the way we use wood mitigate climate change and support the bioeconomy? The answer is yes, according to a new PhD thesis investigating how wood use can contribute to avoiding or reducing the negative effects of climate change, and support the bioeconomy.

The event was organised jointly by the EFI Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED), the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN) and the EVOLTREE network
The event was organised jointly by the EVOLTREE network and the EUFORGEN Programme
EVOLTREE is offering funding (up to 10,000 €) for 2 projects related to genetic and genomic studies on forest ecosystems
EVOLTREE has a great funding opportunity for you!
Inspirational and aspirational leaders, thinkers and change-makers, from science, practice and business are invited to join an open seminar in Barcelona, Spain on 26 November.
Read EFI Director's reflections on the EC Bioeconomy Strategy
How can trade policies promote and support governance reforms in developing countries so that forest resources contribute to sustainable development? A panel discussion, organized by the EU FLEGT Facility at the WTO Public Forum, hoped to provide an answer to this question.
Watch the recording of our ThinkForest event on 4 December