A decade of publications

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EFIPLANT has always worked very closely with the regional and national stakeholders in its network. It therefore ensured that they reap the benefits of work accomplished on an international level by providing accessible and clear information most often in their own language.

Whenever possible, many articles (whether they be for media, newsletters, journals or websites, etc.) and other publications (project output, brochures, etc.) have thus been translated into or written directly in target languages:



In addition, up until 2018, the unit’s newsletter was sent out in French, Spanish and English, not to mention in Portuguese until 2015.

When it was not possible to translate documents, it was produced in an accessible and attractive way in the country of origin's language:



We have also gained peer recognition in the academic field from scientific publications demonstrating the validity and transdisciplinary nature of our activities, which we produced in response to requirements of funding sources or to meet EFI’s expectations of excellence:



Policy being a strong component of EFI, the unit was able to diversify its target audience to include policy makers and political stakeholders leading it to become a facility in 2018. This privileged position between science and stakeholders meant that it developed a capacity to summarise, resulting in a number of policy briefs and reports:




Written by Christophe Orazio (EFI) and edited by Stephanie Hayes (Hayes4Com)