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EFI and the Institut Européen de la Forêt Cultivé (IEFC) have signed an agreement to create a new EFI Research Network, coordinated by IEFC with the support of USSE, FCBA, INRAE, GIP-ECOFOR, WIT, ISA, RAIZ, NEIKER-TECNALIA, Uva, and the UK Forestry Commission.

The new Planted Forests Network will contribute to the implementation of the EFI Resilience and Bioeconomy Strategy themes, and will primarly focus on planted forests in Europe, addressing both regional diversity as well as emerging challenges and opportunities. Within that, the specific scientific focus of the Research Network lies in: (i) Identify, use and conserve the best forest genetic resources that can adapt to markets demands and the challenges of climate change, (ii) Improve the resilience of planted forest to multiple interacting hazards, (iii) Sustainable management for bio-economy and (iv) ecosystem services trade-off analysis.

The Network will mainly conduct activities in the field of research and knowledge networking (e.g., scientific seminar, research development and policy analysis), capacity building (e.g., summer schools, PhD seminars, collaboration policy-research organizations) and building bridges through scientific cooperation (e.g., between European countries, and/or between forest stakeholders).

IEFC President Dr. Nick McCarthy said: “We are very pleased to renew our close collaboration with EFI through the establishment of an EFI Research Network and look forward to coordinating a successful research network associated with all things planted forests. Never has there been a more favourable time for this, with planted forests being criticised across the world, and thus we need to take this opportunity now, through the medium of this EFI Research Network, to be more proactive in promoting the merits of this sustainable and renewable planted forests resource to the general public.’’

EFI has two other research networks, Forest Bioeconomy Network and the Forest Policy Research Network. Research networks include EFI member organisations and other research partners, and aim to enhance European and/or regional scientific cooperation and coordination of transnational research.

More information: Research Network Coordinator Christophe Orazio (c.orazio @ iefc.net)


Photo by @Stephen, Adobestock.com