French visitors exchange on bioeconomy issues

Representatives from two of France’s main bioeconomy clusters, including bioeconomy companies from the chemical and environmental sectors visited EFI’s Joensuu headquarters on 12 September.

The delegation was on a mission to understand who does what in Finland in bioeconomy. EFI Director Marc Palahí presented EFI’s vision of the bioeconomy and its importance, together with an overview of the different areas of EFI’s work.

Principal Scientist Diana Tuomasjukka introduced the specific activities of the Bioeconomy Programme, and its work on four strategic topics: bioeconomy markets; sustainable bioeconomy; implications for sustainable forest management; and policy and governance. She also focused on some of the projects which the programme is currently working on, including BenchValue and its work in wood construction, Biomonitor, which aims to close the data gaps for measuring the bioeconomy, and KIBIO, which focuses on capacity building and cooperation between North Karelia and China.

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