Selection policies and recruitment process

In all recruitment and appointment procedures, a fair, transparent and unbiased selection procedure will be followed. The selection and conditions of employment shall be made without discrimination on grounds of nationality, race, sex, age or creed.

Recruitment process

The Selection Committee (SC) consists of at least 3 staff members. When the application deadline expires the applications will be evaluated according to the selection criteria and a number of candidates will be selected to be interviewed.

If you are invited to an interview, this is what will happen:

The interview

Face-to-face interview, telephone interview or videoconference interview are the most widely used methods of assessing job applicants at EFI. In some cases, a skills test or presentations might be included in the selection method. Referees of the interviewed candidates are checked by the SC.

After the interview

On completion of the interviews the most suitable candidate will be contacted to start negotiations on the conditions of the employment. All candidates interviewed will be informed about the outcome of their application by email.