Traineeship or master’s thesis possibilities at EFI

EFI undertakes research at the pan-European level on forest policy, including its environmental aspects, on the ecology, multiple use, resources and health of European forests and on the supply of and demand for timber and other forest products and services in order to promote the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Europe.


Currently available traineeships: (For more info)

- Environmental impacts of textiles and construction: what are the policies that influence the uptake of their bio-based substitutes?

- Wood utilization in prefabricated residential construction

- Understanding perceptions of the bioeconomy: Survey of European regions

- Mapping International actors of the environmental sector in the Mediterranean

- Forest Products Trade Flow Database – systems development

EFI is currently involved in several projects, which offer various possibilities for traineeships and bachelor or master’s theses. For the listed available traineeship please contact the person responsible for it. For general information contact Dr. Nataša Lovrić at: natasa.lovric @