Currently available traineeships


Life Cycle Assessment modelling of Nepenmäki School and Library

Life Cycle Assessment is a method to quantify the potential environmental impacts arising during the life cycle of products and systems. Currently, there are many softwares in the market aiming to be the leaders in terms of functionality and automation. The traineeship is a joint work between the Karelia University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and the European Forest Institute (EFI). It will follow up the work performed in Karelia UAS during June/July 2020 in which students modelled the Nepenmäki School and Library in OneClick LCA. The overall aim of this traineeship at EFI is to compare the BIM-based OneClick LCA with GaBi software.

The work during this traineeship will require the development of a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) model and report. More specific, the student will need to build a product system in GaBi software capable of assessing the impact potential of the Joensuu Nepenmäen koulu. The impact assessment that will be used is the CML 2001, and more specific the Climate Change-GWP100 impact category.


  •  Study the LCA methodology
  • Carry out a complete LCA in GaBi software
  • Delivery of an LCA report according to the ISO standards 14040/44
  • Short comparative report of the 2 modelling approaches evaluating the differences as well as advantages and disadvantages of the 2 softwares.

Skills required: Ideally the person will have knowledge on the following topics: civil engineering, environmental science/engineering, sustainability Experience with Life Cycle Assessment (methodology, modelling, tools) and material flow analysis is beneficial.

Duration: 2-3 months (flexible)
Traineeship location: Joensuu
Contact personDiana Tuomasjukka ( and Cleo Orfanidou (


Forest Products Trade Flow Database – systems development

EFI maintains a database system to provide an up-to-date, neutral, comprehensive source of forest products bilateral trade statistics to the public through an online interface. The data are queried from UN COMTRADE and go through a validation process before being made accessible online. The system includes a possibility to produce on-the-fly pdf reports that follow predefined formats. We seek a highly skilled trainee to develop additional report formats and to improve the data visualization options. For more info, see:

Skills required:

Confident English language user, excellent coding ability with R statistical software (Linux, Windows), MySQL and on-line visualization applications

Duration: Minimum 6 months (flexible)

Trainees need to be granted a study grant or scholarship prior arrival. EFI can provide limited assistance with the grant application process if necessary.

Traineeship location: Joensuu

Contact person: Jo Van Brusselen (