Currently available traineeships

Forest Products Trade Flow Database – systems development

EFI maintains a database system to provide an up-to-date, neutral, comprehensive source of forest products bilateral trade statistics to the public through an online interface. The data are queried from UN COMTRADE and go through a validation process before being made accessible online. The system includes a possibility to produce on-the-fly pdf reports that follow predefined formats. We seek a highly skilled trainee to develop additional report formats and to improve the data visualization options. For more info, see:

Skills required:

Confident English language user, excellent coding ability with R statistical software (Linux, Windows), MySQL and on-line visualization applications

Duration: Minimum 6 months (flexible)

Trainees need to be granted a study grant or scholarship prior arrival. EFI can provide limited assistance with the grant application process if necessary.

Traineeship location: Joensuu

Contact person: Jo Van Brusselen (