Currently available traineeships

Forest Products Trade Flow Database – novel reporting tools

A novel database of forest products trade flow information was recently developed by EFI with support of ITTO. A number of predefined report formats were developed in R and they were integrated into the online user interface so users can generate reports for the countries, products and/or years that are of particular interest.

To develop additional report formats, we are seeking an interested student with basic knowledge of macro-economics and good skills in working with R statistical software. The student could work on this topic at the EFI headquarters in Joensuu.

Contact: Jo Van Brusselen

Modelling the evolution of a forest landscape according to mobilization scenarios

Following the work carried out as part of the INTEGRAL European project, which resulted in the publication of indicators according to the evolution of a 50-year Landes landscape, the student will participate in the realization of simulations on another part of the New Aquitaine territory. The work will include setting up the necessary mapping funds to carry out the simulations, interacting with stakeholders to understand management options and carrying out simulations.

This activity therefore requires a good knowledge of the handling of cartographic tools such as QGIS, a good knowledge of silvicultural management issues and the basics of using growth models. Fluency in French is mandatory. A knowledge of Java can be a plus.

Reference: Orazio C., Cordero R., Hautdidier B., Meredieu C., Vallet P. « Simulation de l’évolution de la dynamique forestière dans les Landes de Gascogne sous différents scénarios socioéconomiques ». Revue Forestière Française [En ligne]. 2015. n°6, p. 493‑514.

Contact: Christophe Orazio Christophe.orazio @  Location: Bordeaux cestas Duration: 4 - 6 months Funding: standard student grant