Assessing the impact of the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Action Plan

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Brussels, Belgium

The effectiveness and impact of the EU Timber Regulation and the FLEGT Action Plan were discussed at a ThinkForest seminar at the European Parliament in Brussels. Discussions focused on:

  • What does scientific evidence say about the impacts of the EUTR, FLEGT and other similar policies?
  • Are these policies effective from the decision-maker's perspective?
  • FLEGT and EUTR in action - what are the experiences from industry and practice?

This event was not an official part of the ongoing European Commission FLEGT and EUTR evaluation process but sought to contribute by helping to synthesise the science-input and by supporting science-policy dialogue on the topic.


Host and chair: Paul Brannen, MEP

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Our speakers included:

Lauri Hetemäki, Assistant Director, European Forest Institute
Ragnar Jonsson, Senior Researcher
Anders Hildeman, Global Forestry Manager, IKEA 
Hans Stielstra, Head of Unit, DG ENV Global Sustainability, Trade and Multilateral Agreements
Jussi Viitanen, Head of the FLEGT & REDD Unit, EU FLEGT Facility 


EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGT Action Plan: Assessment of the impacts and policy implications, Ragnar Jonsson
EUTR and FLEGT – a view of a timber using company, Anders Hildeman
FLEGT in action - experiences from practice, Jussi Viitanen