Implementing Natura 2000 in forests

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Brussels, Belgium
Implementing Natura 2000 in forests: lessons learned and looking ahead

Read the news report: Using science to improve policy

  • What is the state of biodiversity in Europe’s forests?
  •  How is Natura 2000 implemented in forests, and what do we know about its effects on biodiversity and forest management?
  •  What policy-relevant conclusions can be drawn for Natura 2000 in the future?

Our ThinkForest science-policy seminar at the International Press Centre in Brussels presented the findings of a European interdisciplinary scientific study conducted by a team of 20 scientists:

Natura 2000 and forests: Assessing the state of implementation and effectiveness, What Science Can Tell Us 7, 2017 


Lauri Hetemäki, Assistant Director, EFI
Mark Demesmaeker, MEP, European Parliament

The Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU: Message on Natura 2000 and forests
Marku Lamp, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of the Environment, Estonia

Connecting global and European questions on biodiversity (video message)
Cristiana Pașca Palmer, Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, United Nations Environment Programme

The Nature Action Plan and forests – state of play and next steps
Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director Natural Capital, DG Environment

Natura 2000 and forests – a new EFI study
Metodi Sotirov, Senior Researcher, University of Freiburg

Questions and answers

Panel discussion 
Moderator Georg Winkel, Head of Resilience Programme, EFI
Jürgen Bauhus, Professor, University of Freiburg
Emma Berglund, Secretary General, CEPF  
Mark Demesmaeker, MEP, European Parliament
Christian Barthod, CGEDD, France 
Andreas Baumueller, Head of European Natural Resources and Land-use, WWF European Policy Office
Rudolf Plochmann, Bavarian State Forests

Closing remarks