Meet Venla Wallius Satu.Ikonen-Williams Thu, 06.25.2020 - 09:37
Look behind the scenes – meet our experts that make EFI work


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Published on 19.05.2020

Why can a forest not be private? A post-socialist perspective on Polish forestry paradigms – an anthropological contribution

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Published on 18.05.2020

Can nature conservation and wood production be reconciled in managed forests?

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Survey on the impact of COVID-19 in the forest management sector Gerard.Fernandez Wed, 05.13.2020 - 14:22
My Sustainable Forest project launches a survey to understand how the COVID-19 situation is affecting the forest management market situation and whether Earth Observation products can help businesses.
Forest innovation workshop 2020
Florence, Italy
Rach.Colling Wed, 05.13.2020 - 12:41
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FoReSite - Managing Forests for Resilience and Biodiversity – Bridging Policy, Practice, Science and Education

Rising demands for a multitude of forest products and ecosystem services worldwide, ask for new forest management concepts. One approach is integrated forest management. It aims at incorporating multiple societal demands within managed forests. Such approaches however may lead to conflicts of interest and ask for trade-offs. Good practices already being applied need to be identified, communicated and if suitable adapted to local conditions.