Call open for Board member and Deputy Member's Auditor

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We have currently call open for a Board member and Deputy Member’s Auditor. 

Board member call 

Prof. Dr. Christine Farcy will step down from the Board in October and there is now one vacant seat in the Board of EFI. The election of a new Board member will take place in the Conference in October 2021. In addition, Leire Barañano, Spain, will stand for re-election in the Conference.

The nominations should consider geographical balance, expertise and gender (please see countries of origin and other information about the current Board members in the full call text). In order to be eligible, the nomination must include the following documents, as described in the Conference Rules of Procedure (page 8):

  • A letter of interest and commitment signed by the candidate
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) of the candidate
  • Letters of support for the candidate from at least two Associate Members

Please find here the full call text.

Deputy Members’ Auditor call

The current Members’ Auditor, Antoni Trasobares, Spain, shall retire from the post after the 2021 accounts have been audited in early 2022. It is then intended that the current Deputy Members’ Auditor, Peter Spathelf, Germany, will become the new Members’ Auditor of 2022 and 2023 accounts. The new Deputy Members’ Auditor will support the Members’ Auditor in 2022 and 2023 and then assume the position of Members’ Auditor for the audits of the 2024 and 2025 accounts. The election of the new Deputy Members’ Auditor will take place at the 2021 Conference.

The nominee must be an employee of one of the Member organisations, and not be a Board member or an employee of the EFI Secretariat. The nominee must have a basic understanding of the principles and procedures of financial audits. Nomination shall be addressed to the Board and submitted to the Director and shall, to be considered eligible, include:

  • A curriculum vitae (CV) of not more than one page
  •  A statement of not more than one page clarifying the relevant experience
  •  Letters of support of at least two Associate Members

Please find here the full call text.

Submit nominations for both calls to Director Marc Palahí, email:, no later than 14 May 2021.