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EFI’s strategy, presence in France and ongoing policy support work were discussed when Director Marc Palahí met the French Minister for Agriculture Stéphane Travert on 26 March, during his official visit to Finland.


Marc Palahi and Stephane Travert


France is one of EFI’s Member Countries, which play a vital role in supporting its work across Europe. The EFI Director emphasised the importance of French support and active participation in EFI bodies for the implementation of the new EFI strategy. He highlighted the value of EFI’s presence in France, and the assistance it offers in understanding current challenges and policy questions.

Policy issues explored in the discussions included the French Bioeconomy Action Plan, in the context of the future European Bioeconomy Strategy. EFI’s recent science-policy report on Leading the way to a European circular bioeconomy strategy was discussed and highly appreciated.

The next EFI Board meeting takes place in Paris in April, where the main points of discussion will be followed up.

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