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Some newsletters are only published every four years. On Leap Day we are pleased to bring you up to date with all the February news from the EFI Mediterranean network. Topping the news list is the recent publication of the document "Wildfire risk planning and prevention - Innovations in the Mediterranean and beyond": a compilation of eleven innovations from eight countries detailing effective forest fire planning and prevention instruments. The publication has been produced by EFI Mediterranean Facility, in collaboration with the Barcelona Provincial Council. 

Among the featured stories, read the insight and analysis captured by EFI researcher Mercedes Caron in the blog article "Drought emergency underlines the need for coordinated action across the Mediterranean" following the recent launch of the latest report published by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) highlighting the alarming situation of persistent droughts and their impact across the region. 

Apart from these editor's picks, you can see many other updates from the network. Our friends from across the Mediterranean and beyond are already warming up for spring and this is reflected in the events calendar. Just a tip: keep an eye on the FORGENIUS webinar series!

As ever, this edition includes calls, upcoming events, and publications from all over the Mediterranean, as well as items of interest from elsewhere.

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