Gerhard Weiss to lead EFI Forest Policy Research Network

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Dr Gerhard Weiss will be leading the EFI Forest Policy Research Network as Bernhard Wolfslehner has joined the EFI Forest Europe Team. Dr Weiss has a long collaboration with EFI: he was engaged in launching the INNOFORCE Project Centre in 2001 and was a key actor in our past Regional Offices EFICEEC and EFICEE-SEE. Dr Weiss has been a part of the Forest Policy Research Network team from its launch in 2018. You can read more about Dr Weiss and view his list of publications here.

Dr Weiss welcomes researchers across Europe to join the network: "In the future, we aim to further develop our specific fields of expertise and networks with European researchers, particularly our close network in the Eastern and South-Eastern European region. We have several strong fields of expertise, including EU forest governance, bioeconomy policy, SFM indicators, gender issues as well as innovation in the forest sector."


The Forest Policy Research Network is coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna.

More information about the network is available on their newly launched website: