Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2030 webinar series

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Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2030 webinar series

Take a deep dive into the four themes of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2030 (MFRA 2030) in a series of weekly webinars leading up to the EFI Mediterranean Network Forum 2022.

The webinars offer the opportunity to explore the four priority areas identified in the agenda to be addressed over the next decade:

*for Josep Peñuelas and Jordi Sardans.

Speakers during the webinars include lead authors from the four commissioned papers which establish the research priorities described in the MFRA 2030 and experts from around the region highlighting research related to the theme. Participants will work in breakout rooms to identify research and geographical gaps relevant for their particular setting and discuss the challenges for implementation in their country or region.

This is your opportunity to have your say on the agenda themes: provide your community and country perspective; raise your concerns; identify the obstacles impeding your efforts and develop action plans for resilient forests.

EFIMED’s Network Forum will start where the webinars leave off: outputs from the webinars feed the presentations on day one so that the conversation can continue, leading to collaborative workshops on a cross-cutting issue for Mediterranean forests: forest management for the resilience of Mediterranean forests. Attending the webinars is essential to understanding the key issues surrounding each theme; the webinars will be recorded, however, so if you are unable to join, we urge you to watch the recording so that you can join the forum prepared!

With the MFRA 2030, we aim to inspire decision-makers and stakeholders to play their part in supporting global efforts to make Mediterranean forests more resilient to climate change and demographic challenges. Join the webinars and be part of the process from the outset!

All online workshops will take place between 11:00 and 13.30 CET. You will receive a link to the webinar by email prior to the event.

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