Promoting the European natural resin as a technology and sustainable product

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A new study has been recently developed in the context of the SUSTFOREST+ project (Strategy and collaborative networks for multifunctionality, conservation and employment in the territory of southern Europe through the extraction of resin), in order to promote the production of resin in Europe, using data collected from partners of the project and bibliographical resources. This innovative study provides us with key information about the situation of the market of resin in Europe and in the world.



The report describes first the different production contexts existing in the world and the associated systems. This technical information is completed by economic data concerning the past and future market of resin. This work enables the formulation of forecasts concerning the future evolution of the global resin market. Several scenarios are proposed, favorable or not to the development of the production of resin in Europe. These results will allow to estimate the European production potentialities in a future study, thought cost benefit analysis for different production systems based on the existing forest managements of pine plantations in European countries.

SustForest Plus project is an initiative by the major players in the value chain of natural resin in southwestern Europe to boost economic activity in the sector.

The report will be available here soon.


For more information, please contact Armand CLOPEAU (EFIPLANT

Photo: SustForest Plus