Networking and capacity building

EFIPLANT facilitates interactions and synergies between scientist and regional stakeholders and organizes networking events, field tours and scientific seminars on forest-related topics, including: forest policy and socio-economic issues, forest health, ecosystem services, biodiversity, silviculture and modelling. We also contribute to capacity-building -by organizing courses for different target groups.

Our Facility strongly contributes to other European R&D networks such as the EVOLTREE Network of Excellence -focusing on forest tree genetic and genomic resources- and the Group of French-Speaking Forest Entomologists (GEFF) -which objective is to offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise on the biology and ecology of forest insects in order to improve biodiversity conservation and pest management in forest ecosystems-.


Building bridges with other countries

EFIPLANT coordinates the IUFRO Task Force, Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future. Reflecting increased pressure on forest resources, the Task Force focuses on key issues related to the intensification of planted forest management in order to meet the increasing demand for forest products from growing populations and green economies, and doing this sustainably to reflect the changing global environment (Sustainable Intensification).

The overall outcomes of the task force are:

  • An enduring multidisciplinary platform for international and pan IUFRO scientific collaborations based on the task force themes
  • An improved interface between IUFRO science activities and the wider society and policy initiatives related to planted forests
  • Internationally coordinated research programmes which take forward the research needs on the sustainability of planted forests

For more information about the Task Force, its members and its activities, visit the IUFRO Task Force website  or download the Task Force leaflet