Role of Science in Supporting Policymaking: A Post COVID World

Role of Science in Policymaking: A Post COVID World
Webinar, 20 May 2021 09:30-11:00 CET

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Politicians, media and the public are increasingly demanding evidence-based information to inform policy making on complex issues such as climate change and biodiversity. However, there is an increasing amount of science information available. Clearly, the decision-maker needs scientists and science-based intermediary organizations that can critically evaluate and synthesize scientific information in a format that is easily accessible while not simplistic. Yet, what is sometimes puzzling for the decision makers and general public, is that scientists do not necessarily agree on their messages. Sometimes exactly the opposite implications are drawn, for example, on forest-related issues.

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This ThinkForest event will discuss:

  • How can we ensure that the best available science translates into sound EU policies? What are the golden rules for a successful science-policy interface?
  • Which mechanisms are available for science support? What are some good examples of existing processes (e.g., IPCC)?
  • How the European Commission will engage the science community in the development of the post-2020 EU Forest Strategy?