Key Recommendations on Wildfire Prevention in the Mediterranean

Eduard Mauri, Elena Hernández Paredes, Irene Núñez Blanco, Celia García Feced
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This report focuses on six topics: 1) Planning (programmes, policies, and adaptation strategies); 2) Governance models as a cornerstone; 3) Developing sustainable financial mechanisms to ensure implementation and continuation of wildfire management measures; 4) Knowledge generation, education, and awareness of society; 5) Harmonising information systems as the basis for sharing information and understanding the complex reality of wildfires; and 6) International cooperation.

It has been developed by the European Forest Institute and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge of Spain (as coordinator of the FAO Silva Mediterranea Working Group on Forest Fires) in collaboration with Mediterranean stakeholders. Its content includes specific actions for each recommendation, identified as necessary to make any meaningful step forward in improving forest fire prevention and, therefore, risk reduction.

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Mauri, E., Hernández Paredes, E., Núñez Blanco, I., García Feced, C. 2023. Key Recommendations on Wildfire Prevention in the Mediterranean. European Forest Institute. DOI:

ISBN: 978-952-7426-70-8 (printed) / 978-952-7426-69-2 (PDF)

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