Wildfire risk planning and prevention - Innovations in the Mediterranean and beyond

Eduard Mauri, Mihaela Jankavić
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Wildfire risk planning and prevention

Wildfire prevention is increasingly seen as the most important approach to integrated wildfire management. While the eleven instruments described in this document have the ultimate goal of preventing wildfires, they are not all preventive measures. You will discover instruments for fire risk assessment, planning, preparation and, of course, prevention as part of the wildfire risk management continuum

These eleven instruments have been successfully implemented by local and regional authorities and agencies, research centres or NGOs, at municipal or supra-municipal levels, and have the potential to be replicated elsewhere. Each instrument is described in detail but concisely, including the local context, the challenge addressed, the technical, administrative and financial implementation, and how the instrument meets the four requisites for success: integration; continuity; specialisation; and collaboration.

This document is intended for land managers who are responsible for wildfire risk management. The instruments were compiled by the EFI Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED) in collaboration with the Barcelona Provincial Council (DIBA).

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Mauri, E., Jankavić, M. 2024. Wildfire risk planning and prevention - Innovations in the Mediterranean and beyond. European Forest Institute. DOI: https://doi.org/10.36333/rs8en

ISBN: 978-952-7426-80-7

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