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What Science Can Tell Us Based on collective scientific expert reviews providing interdisciplinary background information on key and complex forest-related issues for policy and decision makers, citizens and society in general
From Science to Policy Brings together cross-boundary scientific knowledge and expertise to strengthen science-policy dialogue
Knowledge to Action Brings a wide range of research, projects and initiatives on forest-related issues closer to society

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EFI News 2014-1

Number 1, volume 22

ThinkForest brief: Forest Bioenergy in Europe: Reassessment needed
| Lauri Hetemäki, Bart Muys, Paavo Pelkonen and Davide Pettenella
Living with storm damage to forests
| Barry Gardiner, Andreas Schuck, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Christophe Orazio, Kristina Blennow, Bruce Nicoll (editors)

What Science Can Tell Us 3

EFI News 2013-2

Number 2, volume 21

European forest governance: Issues at stake and the way forward
| Helga Pülzl, Karl Hogl, Daniela Kleinschmit, Doris Wydra, Bas Arts, Peter Mayer, Marc Palahí, Georg Winkel, Bernhard Wolfslehner (editors)

What Science Can Tell Us 2

Climate Change in European Forests: How to Adapt
| Joanne Fitzgerald, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Kristina Blennow, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, Marcus Lindner

Policy Brief 9

Mapping the distribution of forest ownership in Europe
| Pamela Pulla, Andreas Schuck, Pieter Johannes Verkerk, Bruno Lasserre, Marco Marchetti, Tim Green

Technical Report 88

Foresight on Future Demand for Forest-based Products and Services
| Päivi Pelli, Michael den Herder

Technical Report 87

EFI News 2013-1

Number 1, volume 21

EFI News 2012-2

Number 2, Volume 20

AGORA Making the Difference: Towards a Mediterranean Forest Research Area
| Marc Palahí, Davide Pettenella, José G. Borges, Fouad Mounir, Hamed Daly, François Lefèvre, Emin Baskent

Policy Brief 8