Comparing policy options for carbon efficiency in the wood value chain. Evidence from Austria

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Alice Ludvig, Bernhard Wolfslehner and Gerhard Weiss together with their co-authors from Wood K Plus, Austrian Environmental Agency and Austrian Research Centre for Forest published their findings on policy options for carbon efficiency in the wood value chain in Austria.

The article is enquiring amongst a number of high-level Austrian experts and stakeholders about their proposed solutions for the forest-based sector to combat climate change. Although all interviewees notably emphasise long lasting material use and increase in use, the opinions contradict when it comes to energetic use. It turns out that the perception of what is “energy efficiency” differs. This has impacts on the suggested policy solutions. The article detects a number of trade-offs but for some of the already existing policy measures we show that slight changes could have ample impacts.

The article is open access and available here.
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