Market study for the valorization of European pine resin as a planted forests bio-sourced product

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The global resin market has undergone fundamental changes in the recent years. Resin production in Brazil has been increasing steadily since 2014, partly due to the sudden change in the trade balance in China, the main pine resin producing country.

The SustForest+ project was born in this context. This project, developed from 2018 to 2021, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and aims to improve the joint management methods of the natural resin sources in the Sudoe territory as a strategic and preferential resource for industry, job creation and rational use of natural resources. As part of this project, EFI carried out study on the situation of the international resin market, based on bibliographic research and the data obtained from the projects partners.

Part of this study has been published in the second edition of “Tierra de Pinares”, a Spanish magazine specialized in resin production in Europe. In particular, the article provides a means of locating Europe on this global market.



Examples of tapping systems used in different contexts around the world. From left to right : Chinese, American, Hugues, Mazek.



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El mercado internacional de la resina, Armand Clopeau and Christophe Orazio
European Forest Institute, Planted Forests Facility, Proyecto SustForest Plus