Biomonitor – Monitoring the Bioeconomy Minna.Korhonen Thu, 08.23.2018 - 09:20

BioMonitor addresses the information gap in bioeconomy research by re-structuring its existing data and modelling framework. The ultimate goal of the project is to get a clearer picture of how bioeconomy affects our lives.

SCEFORMA - Scenario Analysis of Sustainable Wood Production under Different Forest Management Regimes

The overall objective of the project was to provide a quantitative assessment of future wood production in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, its degree of sustainability under various scenarios of forest growth and timber harvest, and the overall consequences of forest decline and climate change on future wood supply.

Structural Changes in Roundwood and Forest Product Markets in Europe

The project was financed by the AIR Programme of the European Union with participant organisations from 15 countries in Europe. The aim of the study was to get an overview of the present state-of-the-art in Europe regarding:

  • supply and demand of timber and forest industry products at national and regional levels;
  • structural changes of the forest sector and;
  • data availability for consistent demand and supply analyses of timber and forest industry products at the European level.

MEFYQUE - Forecasting the Dynamic Response of Timber Quality to Management and Environmental Change: an Integrated Approach

The overall objective of the project was to increase understanding of the relationships between site conditions and growth, yield and timber quality for current and future scenarios of atmospheric change. This objective was achieved by developing a prototype modelling system operating at an appropriate forestry management scale (the forest stand) to forecast timber growth, yield, quality and marketability suitable for application in the EU.