YLP Mediterranean

EFI Young Leadership Programme 2020


The Mediterranean, with its ecological and social specificities, has untapped potential to contribute to the leading position of the forest sector in the global bioeconomy. Mediterranean forests can play a key role in supporting our cities to become more resilient and in developing a sustainable rural-urban interface. 

Today, two out of three people in the Mediterranean already live in urban areas, a figure that is higher than the world average and is set to rise. This urban growth exacerbates current challenges to cities, the environment and people's health, while former rural communities struggle to adapt to the dramatic changes in lifestyle and income generation brought about by rapid urbanisation. Coupled with the expected negative effects of climate change, the consequences for Mediterranean societies and ecosystems could be significant if not addressed urgently.

In the face of these challenges, urban and peri-urban forests can help Mediterranean cities become more resilient and support the development of a sustainable rural-urban interface. Initiatives to green our cities are increasingly popular, but new approaches are necessary to address territorial, environmental, economic and social imbalances.

What we need now is new thinking that takes us beyond the 21st century and new ideas on how we can exploit the full potential of Mediterranean forests.

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YLP Mediterranean 2020: will you rise to the challenge?

This edition of the YLP will be held online in July 2021


EFI is looking for young leaders to support our urbanised societies to become more sustainable! The 2020 edition of the EFI Young Leadership Programme provides training, knowledge sharing and networking on Mediterranean forest-based value chains and their contribution to a circular bioeconomy, with a special focus on cities and urbanised societies. Young professionals will interact with global and regional leaders, network with peers and develop strategic thinking on how to manage and use forest resources to address societal challenges.

The YLP-MED 2020 will take place from 12 July to 16 July 2021 in a virtual format.