Call for Head of Resilience!

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EFI is seeking a senior professional with strong leadership and international research experience to lead EFI’s Resilience Programme.

The programme addresses the need for new interdisciplinary knowledge as a basis for effective, integrated policies and land-use strategies. The following topics are a priority:

  • The impacts of global change and related risks on forests, and the strategies to enhance and restore their capacity to adapt and provide forest ecosystem services and products.
  • Strategies and management practices to enhance biodiversity in a rapidly changing environment, considering different regional and socio-economic settings.
  • Strategies and management practices to enhance the role of forests and trees in increasing the resilience of rural areas to climate change, including a better understanding of agroforestry.
  • The role of urban forestry, nature based solutions and wood construction in developing climate smart cities, better rural-urban interfaces and enhancing health and wellbeing in urban areas.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Leading EFI’s Resilience Programme according to EFI strategy and plans.
  • Fundraising and further developing an excellent interdisciplinary team of international researchers to address existing and emerging scientific and policy questions within the thematic area of resilience.
  • Communicating with donors, stakeholders and media.
  • Coordinating resilience related activities within EFI Units.
  • Networking within EFI member organisations and other stakeholders.

See the full call text here.  Deadline to apply is 6 January 2020.
EFI is an equal opportunity employer. All applications will be treated confidentially.

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