EFIMED Seminars

Bioeconomy Dialogue #2 -  2017

More than wood: Innovation and entrepreneurship in cork, resin, edibles and other forest products 

Location: Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona. 9h - 14h, 28 November 2017

In the Mediterranean region, Non Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) play an important role in rural economies and represent a considerable share of forest production, also contributing to the wider sustainable forest management, and to wildfire fire prevention. The inclusion of NWFPs in an innovative forest management is hence a fundamental factor for the development of an alternative to traditional wood-alone forestry. In this context, NWFPs can make a very significant contribution to a smart, inclusive bio-based economy and to rural development.

Public-private partnerships, joint management practices, social enterprises are only some of the innovative business models that have developed recently in the NWFPs arena. Their adaptation to different products and services and in other regional contexts are fundamental for a full exploitation of available NWFPs value chains.

The Bioeconomy Dialogue 2017 offered a platform to explore and discuss the key aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship in NWFPs with keynote speakers from business, research and local government background.

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Bioeconomy Dialogue #1 -  2016

Engineered wood products and wood construction in the bioeconomy: opportunities & challenges for Southern Europe

Location: Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona. 29 November 2016

This dialogue offered the opportunity to strategically reflect on the trends in the European sawmill and wood construction sectors and the drivers behind them. It addressed the following questions: can we expect a significant increase in wood construction in Southwest Europe? Is it possible to shift the construction sector towards local wood? Where are the barriers and opportunities? What forest, industry and research policies will make that possible?

Experts from research centres, institutions and key stakeholders of the wood sector shared their views and experience in an exciting programme.

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