EFIMED Annual Meetings

EFIMED Seminar 2018

Roots to riches: Genetics & products of stone pine & Mediterranean oaks

Location: Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

EFI Mediterranean Facility, EUFORGEN and EVOLTREE joined forces to present a fascinating exploration of some key Mediterranean species in a full-day side event taking place at the EFI's 2018 Annual Conference in Sardinia, Italy. 

The morning session looked into the genetics, management and uses of stone pine and cork oak. In the afternoon, in collaboration with European Hardwoods Innovation (EHIA) and the French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors (FCBA), the seminar examined the role of Mediterranean oaks in the forest-based bioeconomy.

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2016

Smart Mediterranean forestry, bioeconomy and social integration

Location: Calabria, Italy

This meeting explored how Mediterranean forests could better contribute to the creation of livelihoods, jobs and social opportunities for rural inhabitants and migrants, while also helping address other key challenges, such as energy, water and food security, mitigation and nature conservation.

The event provided an opportunity to learn about examples of social forestry in Calabria and in other regions, meet the EFIMED Network and help EFIMED identify the critical factors for the creation of a forest-based, sustainable and equitable Mediterranean bioeconomy.

Programme (PDF


EFIMED Week 2014

Profitable wood production in the Mediterranean: future or fantasy?

Location: Kavala, Northern Greece

EFIMED and the Eastern Macedonia Thrace Institute of Technology (EMaTTech) (previously the Technical Institute of Kavala), welcomed participants to Greece for the EFIMED Annual Meeting and Scientific Seminar 2014, which was held in Kavala, Northern Greece. The Scientific Seminar, “Profitable wood production in the Mediterranean: future or fantasy?” explored the theme of innovative and profitable wood production in the Mediterranean. 

Young scientists presented posters on this topic, some of whom were selected to participate in a panel discussion alongside keynote speakers. 

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2013

Managing the Mediterranean forest as a complex socio-ecological system

Location: Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona, Spain

The EFIMED Annual Meeting and Scientific Seminar 2013 was held at the EFIMED headquarters in the Sant Pau UNESCO World Heritage Site in Barcelona. This year’s event gathered distinguished complexity scientists and Mediterranean specialists to gain a new perspective on managing Mediterranean forests, celebrating the move to EFIMED’s new offices and presenting the strategic themes for the FORESTERRA ERA-net. 

Posters were presented on the theme of "Managing the Mediterranean forest as a complex socio-ecological system," while EFIMED Network members were invited to introduce their institution or project at the EFIMED Market Place.

Programme (PDF)

EFIMED Week 2012

Towards a Mediterranean forest research area

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

This year’s event, held in Tunisia, highlighted new EFIMED projects from AGORA to FORESTERRA, as well as gathered members from across the EFIMED Network to discuss the future of forest research across the Mediterranean region. 

The Scientific Seminar focused on women making a difference in forest science, empowering women in science and innovation working towards sustainable natural resources management and governance in the Mediterranean region.

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2011

Second Mediterranean Forest Week

Location: Avignon, France

Coinciding with the UN Year of Forests, EFIMED Week was held in conjunction with the Second Mediterranean Forest Week in Avignon, France. The Mediterranean Forest Week brought together relevant stakeholders working on/for Mediterranean forests and forestry: EFIMED, FAO and its Silva Mediterranea Committee, AIFM, PlanBleu, CTFC, ARCMED, MFMN, GIZ, COFOR, USSE. 

The Ministry of Agriculture of France, the PACA region and INRA hosted an initiative aiming at providing a dynamic platform where the scientific community, policymakers and key stakeholders could meet to network and debate around strategic policy-relevant questions.

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2010

Knowledge base management of Mediterranean forests under climate-driven risks: the way ahead

Location: Antalya, Turkey

EFIMED Week in 2010 was held in Antalya, Turkey, an apt location for the year’s theme of Mediterranean forests under climate-driven risks, as many forest ecosystems and communities in the region face wildfire risks. 

This meeting and scientific seminar aimed to present the latest scientific knowledge on the current and future impact of selected climate driven risks, as well as to improve the understanding of how forest management strategies can improve the adaptive capacity of Mediterranean forests. Members of the EFIMED Network, including scientific experts and policymakers, came together to discuss approaches to address these risks at policy level

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2009

Mediterranean Forests in the context of integrated management of land resources: Soil, Water and Fodder

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

The 2009 EFIMED Week and Scientific Seminar highlighted three key issues related to Mediterranean forests: soil, water and fodder. Bringing together national authorities from Spain, Morocco, and France, as well as EFIMED staff and members of the EFIMED Network, this meeting addressed a range of integrated forest resource management approaches, from watershed management, to cork harvesting, to sustainable forest grazing. 

This meeting also presented the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda, a step forward in international cooperation of forest research efforts in the Mediterranean region. 

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2008

Adaptation of Forest Landscape to Environmental Changes

Location: Orvieto, Italy

EFIMED Week 2009 and the Scientific Seminar “Adaptation of Forest Landscape to Environmental Changes” was organised in the framework of the EFI Annual Conference. 

EFIMED, jointly with IBAF and the University of Tuscia, organised a scientific seminar that presented innovative methods of valuing environmental services, as well as explored new tools for developing regional markets in sustainable tourism. The EFIMED meetings carried forward themes of profitability in Mediterranean forests, discussing forest certification schemes and the valuing of non-market forest services. 

Programme (PDF)


EFIMED Week 2007

First Annual EFIMED Week

Location: Palencia, Spain

The first ever EFIMED Week in 2007 was held at the University of Valladolid, at it’s Palencia Campus in Spain. The meeting consisted of an EFIMED business meeting, focussing on the work and future efforts of the European Forest Institute Mediterranean Facility, as well as a Scientific Seminar, which highlighted main research topics and issues of scientific importance for forests and forestry in the Mediterranean region. These meetings were held in collaboration with EFIMED Network members, and invited participation from experts, scientists, and policymakers in the field of Mediterranean forests. 

Programme (PDF)