Ecosystem services resources

SINCERE policy briefing 2022

Four pathways to govern Europe’s multiple forest ecosystem services

SINCERE Policy Brief (2022)

This policy brief outlines four pathways to secure better alignment between landowner incentives, stakeholder interests, and societal objectives towards Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) in Europe. These pathways are primarily based on findings from the H2020 project SINCERE and ERA-NET project NOBEL.

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SINCERE policy briefing 2021

Payments for environmental services: what is good practice?

SINCERE Policy Brief (2021)

This policy brief from the SINCERE project draws on global PES experiences to provide insights for policymakers on the best practices and pre-conditions for successful PES implementation in Europe.

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EU Blueprint on Green Care

Green4C publication

Mammadova, A., O’Driscoll C., Burlando C., Doimo, I., Pettenella, D. (2021). EU Blueprint on Green Care: Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion. Erasmus+ Green4C project, Deliverable 3.3: EU Blueprint on Green Care.

Using 20 case studies across Europe and Americas, the EU Blueprint on Green Care looks at triggers, points of strength and weaknesses of Green Care innovation and business development and capitalises on the extensive research experience of the project partners. The analysis reveals that Green Care initiatives are challenged by uncertainties in funding policies and regulation, low public awareness and recognition of the role of such initiatives, lack of standards and integration into health care policies and practices.

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Forest-based care Market Outlook

Green4C publication

Fraccaroli, C., Soer, A., Doimo, I., De Vreese R., Devisscher, T., Humer, M., Öllerer, B., Mühlberger, D., Van Den Bosch, M. (2021). Forest-based care Market Outlook. Erasmus+ Green4C project, Deliverable 3.4: EU Market Outlook.

During the last 10 years forest-based care practices have gained a lot of attention, especially in healthcare and public health research. Increasing scientific research is demonstrating the benefits of Forest-based care on physical and mental health, and in particular in the treatment of anxiety and depression. While the diversity of Forest-based care services provides a lot of potential business opportunities, the lack of official recognition makes it difficult to find financial support for these kind of activities.

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Urban green care Market Outlook

Green4C publication

Roitsch, D., O’Driscoll, C., De Vreese, R., Devisscher, T., van den Bosch, M., Fraccaroli, C. (2021). Urban green care Market Outlook. Erasmus+ Green4C project, Deliverable 3.4: EU Market Outlook.

The term Urban green care refers to Green Care activities that take place in urban and peri-urban areas. Therefore, Urban green care includes a wide variety of initiatives, form physical and mental health promotion to social inclusion. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Urban green care initiatives across Europe seem positive that fundings, revenues, and clients will increase over the next 5 years.

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The provision of forest ecosystem services: Quantifying and valuing non-marketed ecosystem services

What Science Can Tell Us 5, Volume 1 (2014)

The concept of ecosystem services, how to adequately quantify them and link them to the benefits people derive. Costs for management, the challenges and potential in obtaining monetary measures of value for non-marketed forest ecosystem services, externalities.

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The provision of forest ecosystem services: Assessing cost of provision and designing economic instruments for ecosystem services

What Science Can Tell Us 5, Volume 2 (2014)

How can the provision of ecosystem services be enhanced by changing forest management? This volume addresses three important issues: (i) definition, measurement and quantification of management changes; (ii) assessment of the related costs of provision; (iii) use and design of economic policy instruments for enhancing the provision of forest ecosystem services.

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Payments for Environmental Services: A way forward for Mediterranean forests?

EFI Policy Brief 7 (2012)

Policy brief outlining knowledge on Payments for Environmental Services, discussing their potential applicability in the Mediterranean context and identifying the challenges that need to be addressed by policy makers, public officials and researchers for their successful implementation. 

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Newforex Leaflet

The Newforex project sought new methodologies for valuing and marketing non-marketable forest functions, goods and services, identifying the beneficiaries, assessing the cost of provision of externalities and providing policy recommendations. These took place in five EU case studies and one developing country case study, covering key externalities: carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection, watershed services and recreation. 

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