Ecosystem services resources

The provision of forest ecosystem services: Quantifying and valuing non-marketed ecosystem services

What Science Can Tell Us 5, Volume 1 (2014)

The concept of ecosystem services, how to adequately quantify them and link them to the benefits people derive. Costs for management, the challenges and potential in obtaining monetary measures of value for non-marketed forest ecosystem services, externalities.

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The provision of forest ecosystem services: Assessing cost of provision and designing economic instruments for ecosystem services

What Science Can Tell Us 5, Volume 2 (2014)

How can the provision of ecosystem services be enhanced by changing forest management? This volume addresses three important issues: (i) definition, measurement and quantification of management changes; (ii) assessment of the related costs of provision; (iii) use and design of economic policy instruments for enhancing the provision of forest ecosystem services.

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Payments for Environmental Services: A way forward for Mediterranean forests?

EFI Policy Brief 7 (2012)

Policy brief outlining knowledge on Payments for Environmental Services, discussing their potential applicability in the Mediterranean context and identifying the challenges that need to be addressed by policy makers, public officials and researchers for their successful implementation. 

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Newforex Leaflet

The Newforex project sought new methodologies for valuing and marketing non-marketable forest functions, goods and services, identifying the beneficiaries, assessing the cost of provision of externalities and providing policy recommendations. These took place in five EU case studies and one developing country case study, covering key externalities: carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection, watershed services and recreation. 

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