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SIMRA evaluation manual

SIMRA publication

Secco, L., et al. 2020. Evaluation Manual. Innovative methods to assess social innovation and its impacts in marginalised rural areas. SIMRA Project, available at

The principal goal of the SIMRA Manual is to guide evaluators, practitioners, policy makers and scientists in the evaluation of social innovations in agriculture, forestry, rural development (and related fields). It guides them through the process of disentangling and analysing a complex concept from its initial phases to its impacts on the economy, society, environment and institutions.

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Database: Social innovations in marginalised rural areas

SIMRA database of social innovations

SIMRA gathered examples of Social Innovations in agriculture, forestry and rural development in rural areas across Europe and non-European Mediterranean regions. This database describes in brief selected examples, showing the diversity of SIs and some of their key characteristics.

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SIMRA collection of innovation

Collection of Examples of social innovation

SIMRA brochure

This brochure aims at showcasing the diversity of social innovations in marginalised rural areas of Europe and the Mediterranean regions extracted from the SIMRA database,

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SIMRA collection of innovation mountains

Collection of examples of Social Innovation in mountain areas

SIMRA brochure (Mountains)

This collection of examples of social innovation published by the SIMRA project focuses on how communities capitalise on the natural and social assets in mountainous areas in terms of community life, living environment, and dynamic approaches to governance.

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SIMRA collection of innovation Balkans

Collection of examples of Social Innovation in the Balkans

SIMRA brochure (Balkans)

This collection of good examples pays particular attention to the societal challenges faced in the Western Balkans countries and the social innovations emerging in their rural areas. The document include initiatives showcasing examples from healthcare services to rural networking and including tourism development.

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Social Innovation in Rural Areas MOOC

SIMRA massive open online course

This course, hosted by Future Learn, takes you step by step though a structured framework to understand, categorise, evaluate and promote social innovations in rural contexts. It includes theory, practical tools, and content from real case examples taken from different areas in Europe and non-European Mediterranean countries.

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European Forest Governance: Issues at Stake and the Way Forward

What Science Can Tell Us 2 (2013)

A renowned group of forest policy scientist and legal experts from across Europe compile and assess existing knowledge on forest policies and governance issues in the EU, analysing the status quo, achievements, major challenges, and a vision for the future of pan-European forest policy.

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