Wildfire Resources

Resilient landscapes to face catastrophic forest fires

Reflections of Fire Resilient Landscapes #1

Catastrophic wildfires are here to stay. How we react and adapt will shape the future of our landscapes and our society. Drawing on the presentations and panels from a two-day international seminar about rethinking our approaches to wildfire, this synthesis document presents four key messages from the event that emphasise the need for transformative policy and paradigms. 

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Living with wildfires: What science can tell us

EFI Discussion Paper No. 15 (2009)

Designed to provide policymakers with important wildfire research in order to inform decision-making, this paper provides a review of the underlying trends of wildfires, gives background on the root causes of the increasing occurrence of extreme wildfires, and dives into key strategies and approaches, as well as challenges, to fire prevention action. 

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