Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 3 of the FSD 3rd Series

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Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 3

Forestry Speed Dating (FSD) puts innovators in contact with potential partners and end-users to speed up innovation and create new partnerships to upscale solutions focused on forest carbon monetisation. The third event of the Forestry Speed Dating (FSD) 3rd Series will feature Arbonics, Kanop and Xilva.

Join us on 22 November from 10:00 to 11:30 CET for a unique networking experience where you can learn, connect, and seize new opportunities with three start-ups working with carbon credits and offsetting.

Arbonics: Carbon solutions through data-driven forest management and optimisation

Arbonics is a technology-based carbon company that assists landowners and businesses in growing and managing forests. The platform focuses on helping landowners find suitable land plots for new forests, generate carbon credits, optimise existing forests for carbon and biodiversity, and offer quick carbon opportunity assessments using Arbonics’ data models and services. Thus, landowners find new income sources from forests while improving the voluntary carbon market. They have received €1.8 million in pre-seed funding to develop its data-driven tool for landowners further.

Speaker(s): Lisett Luik, Co-founder of Arbonics.

Kanop: Nature-based analytics with space-borne LiDAR and AI for comprehensive ecosystem insights

Kanop is a data analytics company specialising in nature-based solutions and science-driven impact assessment for ecosystems. With a platform measuring ecosystem data through user-friendly interfaces, the company uses space-borne LiDAR and AI models for forest mapping, inventory, volume measurements, reporting, and carbon storage estimation. Kanop has secured US$1.1 million in pre-seed funding to support its initiatives.

Speaker(s): Romain Fau, CEO of Kanop.

Xilva: Comprehensive project grading for informed sustainable forest investments

Xilva’s project grading enables corporates and impact investors to decide on the right sustainable forest project. Xilva GRADE enables investors to fully understand sustainable forest projects across all relevant dimensions (Impact, Financial Viability, Leadership and team, Project Design, Safeguards, and Growth Potential) along the entire investment cycle and thus invest with confidence in forests.

Speaker(s): Tim Duehrkoop and Jamie Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of Xilva.

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