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EFI Governance team

The Governance Programme at the European Forest Institute addresses emerging challenges and opportunities in the interaction of forest-related multiple uses, impacts, institutions and management, to the broader benefit of society.  We focus on the diverging/multiple demands and perceptions of forests and on identifying and addressing critical questions related to human-forest interrelations. Furthermore, we investigate the interplay of different policy sectors and governance mechanisms such as markets, rules, and participatory decision making. Our mission is to consider the interests, expectations, and perspectives of multiple stakeholders and sectors. 

Priority topics

  • Ecosystem Services: Equipping forest-related decision-makers   with the tools necessary to balance demand for and provision of essential environmental services delivered by forests, and the incentives and policy mixes needed to achieve it.
  • Biodiversity: Analyzing land-use and trade policies, and practices that promote and enrich forest biodiversity.
  • Sustainable Finance: Understanding the role of both private and public investments in forest conservation and management.
  • Climate Governance: investigating policies and forest governance arrangements aimed at steering social systems towards preventing, mitigating or adapting to climate change.
  • Zero Deforestation: Analyzing regulations and private-sector responses to deforestation-free supply chains, and their impacts on forests and people.
  • Ecosystem Restoration: Identifying and addressing the barriers as well as the key drivers that affect the restoration of forest landscapes.

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